“While our drones battle at the command of our human controllers, there comes a time when a human is needed on the battlefield. Slowly and intricately assembled, the Alpha Fighter is the ultimate union of man and machine. Able to store inflicted damage and turn it against those who oppose it, the Alpha is the final voice in battle.”
GG Icon Alpha
Faction GG Faction Icon Humans Humans
Type GG Icon Trait Epic Epic
Cost 9000
Build time 5:00
Resource drain -30/sec
Population 70
Produced by GG Icon Large Assembler Large factory
Requires GG Icon Tank Tech Humans Tank attachment
GG Icon Artillery Tech Humans Artillery attachment
GG Icon Air Tech Humans Air attachment
GG Icon Stealth Tech Humans Stealth attachment
Health 3010
Armour 10
Speed 75
Sight range 800
Damage 200
Area of effect 100
Penetration 10
Rate of fire 7
Attack range 700
Traits GG Icon Trait Detects Stealth Detects stealth

The Alpha is a Human epic unit.

In times of great peril, a single Human pilot will enter the battlefield. Protected inside their Alpha construct, they bring devastation to their enemies using high-powered beam weapons and reverse-gravitation emitters.


  • 1x Large Factory
  • 1x Tank Attachment
  • 1x Artillery Attachment
  • 1x Air Attachment
  • 1x Stealth Attachment

Note: Each tech attachments must be directly connected to one of the four connecting points at each end of the Large Factory. Building an Alpha takes all three factory slots for the five minute construction duration.


  • The Alpha's primary ground attack deals damage to everything in a straight line, target units or structures at the back of the ranks do deal the most damage.
  • An Alpha epic unit is able to attack ground and air targets independently. 
  • As an Alpha takes damage it stores up and releases a large AoE knockback attack, damaging all units in its immediate area and pushing them away.


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