Faction GG Faction Icon Shroud Shroud
Type Research structure
Health 450
Armour 6
Sight range 500

The Amplifier is a Shroud structure. It is the primary research and technology structure of the Shroud faction.

Background Edit

The Amplifier collects and concentrates energy so that it can enhance the abilities of nearby structures.

Amplification Edit

An Amplifier will enhance the abilities of Shroud structures placed within its influence radius. If an amplifier is destroyed or evolved into a defensive structure, the influence radius disappears and any enhancements are lost until a new Amplifier is constructed.

Not all structures benefit from proximity to an Amplifier. Structures that do gain enhancements from an Amplifier have a maximum limit to the enhancements they can receive.

Additional unit types are unlocked when an Amplifier is placed near a Shroud production structure. The Advent and the Zenith may benefit from up to 2 Amplifiers, while the Crucible may benefit from up to 3.

Shroud turrets gain enhanced damage output and special abilities when amplified. All Shroud turrets may benefit from up to 3 Amplifiers at once.

Research Edit

Constructing a single Amplifier unlocks all Shroud tech upgrades. These upgrades remain available so long as at least 1 Amplifier remains.

Evolution Edit

The Amplifier may be evolved into a Shroud defensive structure. When evolved, the Amplifier loses its enhancement aura.

An Amplifier can evolve into a Plasma Spike, Tether Spike, or Perception Spike.
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