Race Beta
Gender Male
Affiliation Beta
Occupation Commander
Rank Bas (Bush General)
“The most powerful force is an unexpected one.”
— Barca

Barca is a Beta general.


Barca was the first child of the Beta born on Ecosystem 09 (Nine). He grew up in the hardest years when the colony of refugees was being established. Much of the current safety and comfort the Beta now enjoy is credited to the years of Barca's hard work. Barca was protégé and friend to Sagah, and served as a silent custodian to Saruk since Sagah's death. Many consider Barca to be the leader of the Beta, though officially no such title has ever been given to him. He often states the only throne he seeks is in the the shade of a taukur tree. He continues his service knowing the Beta have a long way to go before anyone can rest.


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