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Battle at the Aperture Device
GG Camp M15 GooForces
Location Aperture Device, Ecosystem 09
GG Faction Icon Goo Goo GG Faction Icon Humans Humans
GG Faction Icon Beta Beta
GG Faction Icon Goo Singleton GG Faction Icon Humans Lucy Tak
GG Faction Icon Humans John Redgrave
GG Faction Icon Beta Saruk
Faction GG Faction Icon Goo Goo
Primary objective Get a Mother Goo to the Aperture Device
Bonus objective(s) Defeat Saruk
Defeat Lucy
“It has come to this. They could be allies against the silence. This is a waste.”

The Battle at the Aperture Device is the fifth and final Goo mission of Grey Goo.


“The Goo is continuing to evolve, and it's trying to escape the planet. There is no predicting what would happen if it did. This battle is bigger than all of us.”
Lucy Tak

The off-world Goo is ready to join together, but it needs a path. Near the Suma is a working Aperture Device. Using it, the Goo can open keyholes to all known Goo locations and pull them through. Once together, the Goo will survive... the Goo will expand... the Goo will face the growing silence.



  • Get a Mother Goo to the Aperture Device


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