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The Battle at The Quarry
GG Camp M03 Intro Battle
Location K-78 mine, Ecosystem 09
GG Faction Icon Beta Beta GG Faction Icon Humans Humans
GG Faction Icon Beta Saruk GG Faction Icon Humans Redgrave
Faction GG Faction Icon Beta Beta
Primary objective Collect 45 catalyst crates
Bonus objective(s) Keep the enemy under 25,000 resources
Destroy the enemy base
“The Suma will not leave this planet, until we secure more catalyst.”

The Battle at The Quarry is the third mission of Grey Goo.


“After yesterday's attack at the Proving Grounds, the crew at the Quarry began the process of re-routing supplies to the Suma via the Terminal. That is until something attacked their subsurface operations; bringing everything crashing to a halt on the surface.”

With the Beta under attack on all sides they need to activate the Suma and leave before they are overwhelmed. However with the loss of the catalyst supply at the Proving Facility, all their major catalyst stores are cut off or destroyed. Saruk needs to take control of the mine at K-78 and secure as much catalyst as possible.



  • Collect 45 catalyst crates - Build refineries on the depot hubs to collect catalyst crates for the Suma. After three crates are filled, a Skycrane will pick them up. The depot hubs cannot be replaced so we must protect them.


  • Keep the enemy under 25,000 resources - This enemy is draining the catalyst at an alarming rate. Destroying enemy refineries, extractors and harvesters while we harvest will greatly aid the Suma.
  • Destroy the enemy base - If possible, destroying the enemy base in the area will give us some breathing room to collect the catalyst. Complete this bonus object will also complete the primary objective.



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