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Battle at the Trench
GG Camp M04 GooForces
Location The Trench, Ecosystem 09
GG Faction Icon Beta Beta GG Faction Icon Goo Goo
GG Faction Icon Beta Saruk GG Faction Icon Goo SR 33.47
Faction GG Faction Icon Beta Beta
Primary objective Build the Hand of Ruk and get it across the Trench within 35 minutes
Bonus objective(s) Destroy all 5 Crescent units
Destroy all Mother Goos
Saruk: Enemy units up ahead. Directly between us and Field Command.
Commando: Can we go round them?
Saruk: No. We must go through them.”

— Saruk, observing the Goo forces

The Battle at the Trench is the fourth mission of Grey Goo and the penultimate mission of the Beta.


“I'm tired of running. I want the Hand of Ruk up and operational NOW!”

A fireball has hit Beta Field Command and Saruk's scanners have shown a number of landing craft incoming to the planet; this appears to be the start of a major enemy assault. Now knowing who is alive or dead, Saruk sets out to fight his way back to Field Command, only to encounter a completely different enemy. Saruk is determined to fight past this new foe and save who he can before his forces are overwhelmed.



  • Build the Hand of Ruk and get it across the Trench within 35 minutes




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