GG Icon Cloudburst
Faction GG Faction Icon Beta Beta
Type Anti-aircraft ground unit
Armament Twin missile launchers
Cost 210
Build time 0:35
Resource drain -6/sec
Population 2
Produced by GG Icon Small Factory Factory
GG Icon Large Factory Large factory
GG Icon Hand of Ruk Hand of Ruk
Requires GG Icon Air Tech Beta Beta air attachment
Health 110
Armour 0
Speed 140
Sight range 800
Damage 28
12 ground
Area of effect 0
Penetration 0
Rate of fire 1.75
2 ground
Attack range 700
400 ground
Traits GG Icon Trait Fires While Moving Fires while moving
GG Icon Trait Mounts Pillars Mounts Pillars
Upgrades GG Icon Tech Ground Assault Ground assault upgrade
Allows GG Icon Tech Ground Assault Attacks ground

The Cloudburst is a Beta anti-air ground unit.

Sporting two missile launchers, the aptly named Cloudburst is built for clearing the skies of enemy forces.[1]


  • Cloudbursts cannot target ground units, but are effective at clearing enemies from the air.
  • Mounting a Cloudburst on a wall pillar allows it to remain protected while keeping the surrounding skies clear.
  • Hiding a Cloudburst in brush will give enemy air units a nasty surprise as they pass overhead.

Tech upgradesEdit

GG Icon Tech Ground Assault Ground assault upgrade
Cloudbursts can now target ground enemies.



  1. Petroglyph Games, Grey Box, Grey Goo. January 23, 2015.

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