“Designed to traverse extreme terrain, the Crescent has evolved into the Goo's long-range artillery unit. They have the ability to fling small unformed balls of Goo over long distances. These projectiles explode on contact, and have large corrosive areas of effect.”
GG Icon Crescent
Faction GG Faction Icon Goo Goo
Type Siege unit
Population 3
Produced by 2 per GG Icon Large Protean Large protean
Health 100
Armour 0
Speed 85
Sight range 600
Damage 100
Area of effect 200
Rate of fire 7s
Attack range 1500
Research GG Icon Tech Symbiotic Pool Symbiotic pool upgrade
GG Icon Tech Projectile Endurance Projectile endure. upgrade

The Crescent is a Goo siege unit.

An assault unit, the Crescent is able to fling projectiles over large distances. Upon contact, these projectiles explode, covering a large area with a deadly substance.[2]

Tech upgradesEdit

GG Icon Tech Symbiotic Pool Symbiotic pool upgrade
The corrosive pool left by the Crescent now also heals allied units standing in the puddle. Does not heal formless goo.
GG Icon Tech Projectile Endurance Projectile endurance upgrade
The Crescent's projectile can no longer be shot down by enemy anti-air but its damage and radius is reduced.


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