“Detector sentinels expose cloaked or invisible enemy units.”
Detector sentinel
GG Icon Detector Sentinel
Faction GG Faction Icon Humans Humans
Type Base defense
Cost 250
Build time 0:25
Resource drain -10/sec
Produced by GG Icon Core Core
Requires GG Icon Stealth Tech Humans Stealth attachment
Health 1500
Armour 10
Sight range 300
Attack range 400

The detector sentinel is a Human base defense.

Detector sentinels sport a large "eye" on top of a tall tower. The eye contains advanced targeting and laser pin-pointing technology, used to locate invisible units. The detector has a more nefarious purpose as well. It can hide friendly structures from enemy satellite view. This means once the enemy has lost line-of-sight with the buildings, they will disappear from view.

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