“The simplest of these units is the Drover. Originally designed to survey terrain, they are now capable of firing a blast of deadly projectiles. They are small, but they are very dangerous in large groups.”
GG Icon Drover
Faction GG Faction Icon Goo Goo
Type Infantry
Population 1
Produced by 4 per GG Icon Small Protean Small protean
Health 65
Armour 0
Speed 150
Sight range 550
Damage 5
Area of effect 250
Rate of fire 1s
Attack range 250
Traits GG Icon Trait Fires While Moving Fires while moving

The Drover is a Goo light ground unit.

Considered a scout of the Goo masses, Drovers are fast and can be devastating to enemy units when in large groups. Drovers are almost never seen alone, often seen traveling in large packs. [2]


The Drover once acted as the cartographer of the Goo, designed to cover a lot of ground as it surveyed planets and mapped out the terrain. Now, the Drover serves as an exploration unit against the Goo’s enemies, employing its speed and a shotgun-like blast in effective hit-and-run tactics.


  • The Drover’s high speed makes it ideal for exploring new areas quickly.
  • Though a loner by nature, the Drover is most deadly in large packs, able to use its speed and area of effect attack to deliver damage in high volumes.
  • Each small protean produces four Drovers, enabling an army to quickly ramp up.


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