Ecosystem 09
Location Edge of Silent Space, Crux, Milky Way galaxy
Age 6.3 billion years old
Radius 5,744 km
Distance from sun 175,550,000 km
Mass 5.26e22 kg
Population 6,820
Moon(s) Párashen and Jeron

Ecosystem 09, also known as Falkannan (Haven) to the Beta, is a lone planet at the center of constellation Crux. It's two moons are Párashen and Jeron.

Explored and abandoned by humanity, the lush planet was thought to harbor no intelligent life. Generations after humanity's departure, a lone starship limped into Ecosystem 09's atmosphere. They were none other than the Morra, or the Beta.

Seeking refuge from a war that had nearly exterminated their species, the Beta found a haven in 09 from which they could rebuild their once great society. Little did they know that merely decades after arriving, they would find themselves thrown into the heart of war once again.

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