This article is about the Beta and Human structure. For the Shroud structure, see Shroud extractor.

Faction GG Faction Icon Humans Humans
GG Faction Icon Beta Beta
Type Infrastructure
Cost Free
Build time 0:15
Produced by Refinery
Health 500
Armour GG Faction Icon Beta 0 (Beta)
GG Faction Icon Humans 3 (Human)
Sight range 300

The extractor serves as the resource point for the Beta and Humans to collect catalyst in Grey Goo.

Once a refinery is placed, the player can place a corresponding extractor for free on any catalyst field. Each refinery can support only one extractor; if the refinery has no connected extractor then it receives no income. Once both the refinery and extractor are complete, the refinery automatically sends harvesters to extract catalyst from the extractor.

See the Refinery article for details on resource collection.

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