“Perfected over decades of interplanetary warfare, the Gladius's armor and powerful cannons make it a good all-purpose ground unit. Its 360 degree turret provides independent movement and targeting.”
GG Icon Gladius
Faction GG Faction Icon Humans Humans
Type Tank
Cost 240
Build time 0:40
Resource drain -6/sec
Population 3
Produced by GG Icon Assembler Factory
GG Icon Large Assembler Large factory
Requires GG Icon Tank Tech Humans Tank attachment
Health 135
Armour 3
Speed 85
Sight range 600
Damage 18
Area of effect 0
Penetration 6
Rate of fire 1
Attack range 375
Traits GG Icon Trait Fires While Moving Fires while moving
Upgrades GG Icon Tech Repair SubroutineRepair subroutine upgrade
Allows GG Icon Tech Repair Subroutine Self Repair

The Gladius is a Human ground unit.

The bread-and-butter tank of the Human faction. The Gladius houses a separate firing chamber for its twin-mounted cannons. These cannons can fire independent of the facing of the Gladius, allowing it to move while firing. The Gladius takes a moment to deploy its gun before firing.

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