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In Grey Goo, Catalyst is the essential building block to rapidly build and expand your armies across the battlefield. When you begin a match, you will find at least one or two Catalyst vents nearby your starting location. Build a refinery and then an extractor to harvest this valuable material!

Catalyst is naturally occurring solution comprised of various ultrahard fullerenes dissolved in hydrocarbons. It is a highly contested resource in nanoengineering and material fabrication for all factions in Grey Goo. While undesirably volatile, especially when a full transport is under attack, it offers significant build-time advantages during production. Liquid, aromatic Catalyst is noted for its dark blue color, and sometimes referred to as Indigo.


Etinite the common term for the source stone of Catalyst; natural formations of fossilized carbon remains of ancient precambrianistic cellular life. The resultant ultrahard fullerene is the supreme fabstock in molecular technology. While it occurs in various states, it earned the name Etinite from its symmetric molecular structure of its hardened mineral state.

The BreathEdit

Carbon Disulfide (CS2) with other alkene hydrocarbons released from subterranean chambers act as a solvent on the bedrock producing reservoirs of Catalyst.

Catalyst FieldsEdit

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Catalyst, the chief building block for molecular engineering is extremely prized, and extremely rare. Emitted from fossilized carbon, it is only found in regions that have (or have had) life. And life in the Galaxy is extremely rare.

Even where life is thriving, Catalyst is very scarce. For example, it does not occur naturally on Earth, but traces have been found on Jupiter’s moon Europa.

“The Beta arrived to Ecosystem Nine on their last leg. Believing their race and homeworld to be exterminated, the surviving Beta forfeited their sole spaceship, the Sturas, to the surface of Nine. Here they found safe harbor and proceeded to rebuild their culture. For the past 50 years, they have been collecting Catalyst and other resources from Nine in order to build a new ship and return to their rightful place in the stars.”
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