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Ever since the great scientist, Souza, humans have explored space in ways not thought possible before. During their travels, they discovered stable wormholes theorized by Souza. At first, just a few were discovered between the orbits of Mars and Earth. Eventually, many more were found across the fabric of the galaxy.

A vast wealth of knowledge about the universe opened up to humanity after discovering the wormholes could be used for instant communication across vast distances, and even in some cases, transporting spaceships.

Read on to discover more about these conduits through space!

Keyhole Varieties and DistributionEdit

More than eighty years after Souza theorized these wormholes, radio astronomers received a Super Wow signal known as the Big Echo, a series of radio signals originally sent from Earth now originating from various points in space. Analysis of the signal placed the nearest cluster of points being between Earth and Mars orbital paths.

Souza, in his feeble old age, rejoiced, "If we cannot travel to the Heavens, then perhaps we can bring the Heavens to us."

Types of KeyholesEdit


"FDAM" (Microscopic)

PERVASIVE - A complex, active, layer over the fabric of the Galaxy, the Foam Layer offers little value to Humanity providing only 'friction' and 'noise'.


"Keyhole" (1-2cm)

ABUNDANT, 2T/parsec - The banner name for all wormholes, keyholes are the most utilized. Nano-scale drones (NEx) are deployed through these wormholes to map the Galaxy.


"Porthole" (~40cm)

COMMON, 2K/parsec - Large enough to transfer an average sized person, these wormholes are valued as ports. Large stations are constructed at these sites to enable transport of persons and goods across the Galaxy.


"Backbone" (3+ meters)

RARE, 1-2/parsec - The rarest and most prized discovery, backbone keyholes are large enough to transfer spacecraft. They were the backbone to Humanity's reach across the Galaxy, and highly contested locations during the Celestial Age.

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