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The Valiant Project was a multi-university research and development program to advance human/computer interactions. Blending disciplines from behavior-based robotics and early childhood development, the project aimed to produce high functioning machines capable of judgement in uncertainty, or System One thinking.

The OrphanagesEdit

As the project matured, the ‘students’ as they were called spent more and more time interacting with children comparable to their mental capacity. At both the University of Edinburgh and Yonsei University, the children were often visitors from nearby children's homes.

While the ‘students’ at Texas A&M interacted almost exclusively with Aggies, all the programs eventually earned the nickname of Orphanage.

Valient project overview

That Others May LiveEdit

The first machines produced from the program were placed in high-risk environments demanding quick decision-making.

A Valiant Commander, Singleton is a relic from Humanity’s warring past, escorting Lucy Tak's expedition to appease concerns back on Earth. When unanticipated threats emerge, Singleton proves to be Lucy’s most trusted advisor on the battlefield.

Singleton is one of the earliest graduates of the Valiant Program, a program dedicated to creating high-functioning machines capable of making quick judgment in uncertain situations. Instantiated in the late 21st Century, Singleton served as a soldier for two centuries before being decommissioned for a third. Singleton continues to compile his one line of code.

'Including Singleton, the other Valiants served in four classes:'

  • Paladins (marines/soldiers)
  • Cavaliers (pilots)
  • Dragonslayers (firefighters)
  • Corsairs (deep divers)

All were considered Valiants. Inscribed on their forearm is a single line of code:

“That others may live.”

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