“If the enemy finds us, the best defensive weapons we have are the aptly named Guardians. The firepower they can unleash is so powerful, that they can only fire when securely mounted to a hard-point. It doesn't take many to keep very large forces at bay until reinforcements arrive.”
GG Icon Guardian
Faction GG Faction Icon Beta Beta
Type Heavy defense unit
Armament Cannon

Missile launchers

Cost 200
Build time 0:40
Resource drain -5/sec
Population 3
Produced by GG Icon Small Factory Factory
GG Icon Large Factory Large factory
GG Icon Hand of Ruk Hand of Ruk
Requires Tank attachment

Air attachment

Health 125
Speed 95
Sight range 650
Damage 16 ground and air attack

25 ground with Long-Range Balistics

Penetration 3
Rate of fire 1.5 ground and air attack

7 ground with Long-Range Balistics

Attack range 550
Traits GG Icon Trait Mounts Pillars Mounts pillars
Upgrades Long-Range Balistics
Allows Artillery ground attack

The Guardian is a Beta ground unit.

Guardians have rapid-fire cannons that expel so much counter force that they must anchor themselves to special fortifications like walls.

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