“Our greatest weapon is the Hand of Ruk. Named for our greatest hero, the Hand of Ruk is a mobile military base. Six hard-point turret serve as garrisons, while the Hand of Ruk can construct any ground unit needed for the front line. Wielding the collective will of our people, its main cannon can lay waste to a building or approaching army with a single shot.”
Hand of Ruk
GG Icon Hand of Ruk
Type Epic unit
Armament Nuclear cannon
6 hard-point turrets
Cost 6000
Build time 5:00
Resource drain -20/sec
Population 70
Produced by Structural requirements
Health 4000
Armour 10
Speed 50
Sight range 800
Damage 600
Area of effect 300
Penetration 10
Rate of fire 15s
Attack range 2000
Traits GG Icon Trait Detects Stealth Detects stealth
GG Icon Trait Epic Epic

The Hand of Ruk is a Beta epic unit.

Named after a hero of the Beta people, the Hand of Ruk is a mobile military base that can make entire continents shudder. With six turret hard points, it can house nearly any Beta unit and contains a manufacturing plant that can build units as fast as any stationary factory. Truly a force to be reckoned with![2]


Note: All factories and attachments must be connected to and powered by the same Large Hub. Creating the Hand of Ruk removes these structures as they become the components of the epic unit. 


  • The Hand of Ruk is able to fire the furthest of any epic unit. Use vision from other units to reach max range.
  • The Hand of Ruk's nuke is able to be ground-targetted similar to other artillery attacks.
  • Six turret hard points present on the Hand of Ruk allow any unit capable of mounting Beta wall pillars to catch a ride on the Hand of Ruk and defend it.
  • Unless mounted by Cloudbursts or Guardians, the Hand of Ruk has no defense against air.
  • The Hand of Ruk is able to create and deploy any Beta land unit, but cannot create air units.


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