• Beta harvester
  • Human harvester
Faction GG Faction Icon Humans Humans
GG Faction Icon Beta Beta
Type Resource collector
Cost Free
Build time GG Faction Icon Beta 0:15 (Beta)
GG Faction Icon Humans 0:20 (Human)
Produced by Refinery
Health 60
Armour 0
Inherent to Refinery and Extractor

The Harvester is the resource collector of the Humans and Beta.

Harvesters are free, and automatically produced by the refinery once a corresponding extractor has been built. The refinery creates one harvester every 15 seconds (Beta) or 20 seconds (Human). Harvesters are not selectable or directly controllable by the player; they automatically travel back and forth between the refinery and its corresponding extractor.

Harvesters are fully healed upon entering a refinery or extractor. If a harvester dies, it will automatically be replaced by the refinery. Harvesters that die on the way back to the refinery explode, dealing AoE damage to all nearby units (friend and enemy).

See the Refinery article for details on resource collection.

Tech upgradesEdit

GG Icon Tech Harvester Camouflage Harvester camouflage upgrade (Human)
Harvesters gain stealth.

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