“For long-range fire support, we have the Howitzer. This mobile artillery platform devastates enemies by shelling them with high-explosive landmines. Mines that do not find a target remain active for a short period, increasing their effectiveness in the presence of large forces.”
GG Icon Howitzer
Faction GG Faction Icon Humans Humans
Type Artillery
Cost 385
Build time 1:00
Resource drain -7/sec
Population 3
Produced by GG Icon Assembler Factory
GG Icon Large Assembler Large factory
Requires GG Icon Artillery Tech Humans Artillery attachment

GG Icon Stealth Tech Humans Stealth attachment

Health 130
Armour 0
Speed 80
Sight range 300
Damage 23
Area of effect 100
Penetration 0
Rate of fire 6
Attack range 900
Upgrades GG Icon Tech Repair Subroutine Repair subroutine upgrade

GG Icon Tech Proximity Mine Radar Proximity mine radar upgrade

Allows GG Icon Tech Repair Subroutine Self Repair

The Howitzer is a Human ground unit.

Maintaining the name its ancestors had centuries ago, the Howitzer provides long-range artillery support for the Human army. Shells fired by the Howitzer are actually invisible mines that implant into the ground and detonate if enemy troops move into range.

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