John Redgrave
GG Launch Redgrave
Relatives Unknown mother
Race Human
Gender Male
Hair Brown
Eyes Blue
Affiliation Humans
Occupation Alpha pilot
“Fortunate? What does fortune have to do with anything?”
— Redgrave

John Redgrave is a Human Alpha pilot.


While the son of a Lucasian Council member, John Redgrave struggled to find the promised peace in the utopian life on Earth. Failed by his society after a teleportation accident that took the life of his mother and left him permanently scarred, Redgrave embraced recklessness as a virtue. While this put him at odds with general Human society, he excelled in the high-risk culture of the Alpha Program, outperforming all other participants.


“We can't handle this threat ourselves. Get those Assemblers activated immediately!”
— Redgrave

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