“Our strongest ground unit is the Lancer. Powered by a plasma stellarator, the Lancer's beam intensifies as it remains focused on a target. This is particularly devastating to enemy structures.”
GG Icon Lancer
Faction GG Faction Icon Humans Humans
Type Siege unit
Armament Plasma stellarator
Cost 560
Build time 1:10
Resource drain -8/sec
Population 3
Produced by GG Icon Assembler Factory
GG Icon Large Assembler Large factory
Requires GG Icon Tank Tech Humans Tank attachment
GG Icon Artillery Tech Humans Artillery attachment
Health 250
Armour 6
Speed 90
Sight range 600
Damage 70 (40 Railgun)
Area of effect 0 (50 Railgun)
Penetration 10
Rate of fire 1 (5 Railgun)
Attack range 450
Upgrades GG Icon Tech Railgun Systems Railgun system upgrade
GG Icon Tech Repair Subroutine Repair subroutine upgrade
Allows GG Icon Tech Repair Subroutine Self Repair

The Lancer is a Human ground unit.

Lancers house a single, large, laser aperture. This laser, once focused on a single target, grows in power as it draws energy from reserve batteries. Effective against enemy structures.[2]


  • Avoid switching targets too often - Lancers deal more damage the longer they focus on a target.
  • Lancers fall quickly to large groups of small units.
  • Lancers are not very good at chasing fleeing enemies due to their short range and windup time.


GG Icon Tech Railgun Systems Railgun system upgrade
The Lancer's beam weapon is replaced by a railgun weapon. The railgun shot deals damage to enemy targets within the path of the projectile.
GG Icon Tech Repair Subroutine Repair subroutine upgrade
The Lancer repairs over time while not suffering damage.



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