“For the heavier targets we launch the Nimbus. Their small payload of high intensity bombs pummel fortification and decimate armies.”
GG Icon Nimbus
Faction GG Faction Icon Beta Beta
Type Bomber
Cost 560
Resource drain -8/sec
Population 3
Produced by GG Icon Hangar Hangar
Requires GG Icon Artillery Tech Beta Artillery attachment
GG Icon Air Tech Beta Air attachment
Health 175
Armour 0
Speed 225
Sight range 800
Damage 75
Area of effect 150
Penetration 10
Rate of fire 5s
Attack range 500
Traits GG Icon Trait Flies Flies
GG Icon Trait Fires While Moving Fires while moving
Upgrades GG Icon Tech Incendiary Catalyst Incendiary catalyst upgrade

The Nimbus is a Beta air unit.

The larger, slower moving cousin to the Warbird. The Nimbus carries a small payload of extremely high-damage bombs.


  • The Nimbus reloads with two bombs for each run. An efficient player can strategically target two individual targets on a run.
  • The incendiary catalyst bomb upgrade makes the Nimbus more effective against units while decreasing its usefulness against structures.
  • Each Nimbus requires a substantial resource investment, so be sure to be cautious with them when attacking.

Tech upgradesEdit

GG Icon Tech Incendiary Catalyst Incendiary catalyst bomb upgrade
The Nimbus now drops catalyst bombs which leave behind a pool of fire dealing damage over time to enemies that remain in the inferno.

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