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|requires =[[File:GG_Icon_Tank_Tech_Beta.png|20px]] [[Tank attachment]]
|requires =[[File:GG_Icon_Tank_Tech_Beta.png|20px]] [[Tank attachment]]
|hp =140
|hp =140
|dmg =40<br/>10 with Target Acquisition
|dmg =40<br/>20 with Target Acquisition
|aoe =0
|aoe =0
|penetration =6
|penetration =6
|firerate =2.00<br/>0.50 with Target Acquisition
|firerate =2.00<br/>1.00 with Target Acquisition
|sight =600
|sight =600
|range =350
|range =350

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“A true mobile weapons platform, the Predator is able to move quickly without interrupting fire of its shoulder-mounted cannons. It an ideal unit for outmaneuvering our enemies.”
GG Icon Predator
Faction GG Faction Icon Beta Beta
Type Tank
Armament Shoulder-mounted cannons
Cost 270
Build time 0:45
Resource drain -6/sec
Population 3
Produced by GG Icon Small Factory Small factory
GG Icon Large Factory Large factory
GG Icon Hand of Ruk Hand of Ruk
Requires GG Icon Tank Tech Beta Tank attachment
Health 140
Armour 3
Speed 95
Sight range 600
Damage 40
20 with Target Acquisition
Area of effect 0
Penetration 6
Rate of fire 2.00
1.00 with Target Acquisition
Attack range 350
Traits GG Icon Trait Mounts Pillars Mounts pillars
GG Icon Trait Fires While Moving Fires while moving
Upgrades GG Icon Tech Target Acquisition Target acquisition upgrade
Allows GG Icon Tech Target Acquisition Single Shots

The Predator is a Beta ground unit. 

The Predator is the Beta’s earliest prototype of a mobile weapon platform. Able to move while firing its shoulder-mounted cannons, it is an ideal unit for outmaneuvering enemies.[2]


  • Predators have the ability to move and shoot at the same time. Use this to your advantage to kite less mobile units.
  • Predators can mount walls, providing an effective defense against ground units for a Beta base.
  • The target acquisition upgrade gives the Predator the ability to re-target enemies mid-salvo, making it more useful against large groups of enemies.

Tech upgradesEdit

GG Icon Tech Target Acquisition Target acquisition upgrade
The Predator's volley of 4 shots is reduced to single fire shots, allowing them to re-target each shot as needed.



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