“The Goo evolving beyond its programming is not entirely unexpected. When the program is active, size restrictions were enforced for fear of emergent behaviors. Since being abandoned, these fears have been manifested in what we are calling the "Purger", the largest single mass of protean goo. The Purger is not only capable of consuming everything in its path, but also subverting the ground beneath us, undermining our defenses and obliterating our forces. The Purger is truly a force of nature, and appropriately named.”
GG Icon Purger
Faction GG Faction Icon Goo Goo
Type Epic unit
Cost 4 sizes
Population 70
Produced by GG Icon Mother Goo Mother Goos
Health 5000
Armour 10
Speed 50
Sight range 800
Damage 400
Area of effect 400
Penetration 10
Rate of fire 10s
Attack range 800
Traits GG Icon Trait Detects Stealth Detects stealth
GG Icon Trait Epic Epic

The Purger is the Goo's epic unit.

Considered to be the largest single concentration of Goo known to exist. Only the largest of Mother Goo can begin the transformation into a Purger. Combining with other Mothers or Formless Goo accelerates the transformation.[2]


  • Like other formless Goo, the Purger can climb onto high terrain and attack enemies from safety.
  • Protect Purgers with Tempests, as they have no anti-air capabilities.
  • Attacks from a Purger take time to travel to the intended spot - be sure to lead your attacks.
  • Purger's attack location will leave corrosive goo behind, dealing damage over time.
  • The Purger not only repairs damaged Mother Goos, it also refills their bars, which can render catalyst sources obsolete.



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