The functionality of the Color Tab in the Terrain Editor

Color Tab Edit

The color tab can be used to paint and blend solid colors over terrain textures. This can help add complexity to map art and improve the visual depth.

To paint color onto the map, select the desired color under the Vertex Color setting and Left-Click the brush onto the terrain.

Tip: Holding shift and selecting an area will instantly paint that area with the selected color. Holding Control will activate the rectangle tool and instantly paint that area with the selected color in a rectangular shape.

  • Terrain Vertex Color Painting – Displays a map preview of the colors currently painted onto the map.
    • Recompute Color Map from Terrain – Reevaluates the color map and updates the map displayed to reflect a more accurate color map.
  • Brush Controls
    • Brush Radius – Alters brush size.
    • Round/Square/Line/Fill – Determines the brush type and shape.
    • Tolerance – Adjusts the color tolerance for the Fill brush type. Fill must be selected to enable this field.
    • Vertex Color – Color which will be painted onto terrain textures by the color tool.
    • Opacity – Alters the opacity with which the color is applied to map textures.
    • Soft Edge – If enabled, this setting will cause the brush to paint onto the terrain with a diffused, rounded edge.
  • Import/Export – Imports a previously created TGA file as a color map or Exports the currently loaded Color map as a TGA file.
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