Here is now you create a new map file in the Terrain Editor.

Creating a New Map File Edit

In the Map Context Information dialog, you will have the chance to edit 3 different settings:

  • Biome Set: Here you will choose which default Biome set you will select to be the base for your map file. A Biome is a file containing a map’s settings which can include texture settings, lighting settings, environment settings, and other user-selected map options.
    • Tip: If you modify any map settings (textures, lighting, etc.) while using the map editor, you can save them together as your own Biome file for use later with any of your new or previously existing maps. Simply go to File>Save Map Biome Set to save your custom settings as their own Biome.
  • Width and Height In Patches: You are able to set the width and height of your map in “patches”, a rough unit of measurement.
    • Tip: It is highly recommended that you set a map with an equivalent width and height, since non-square maps can sometimes cause performance and gameplay issues.
    • Tip: For reference, Grasslands and Mountain Pass are approximately 16x16 patches.'
  • Bounds Size: The bounds size will determine the size of the surrounding impassible, decorative area which lies on the borders of the map. This area cannot be traversed by any unit type, and exists to allow visual continuity.

Click “OK” once you are satisfied with your selections. These settings can be altered after your map has been created if you wish to do so.

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