How to get started in the Terrain Editor.

Getting Started Edit

To launch the Map Editor, go to the root folder for your Grey Goo game install and run the file “Public_PGTerrainEditor.exe”. Some Windows users, for example, may find it located in the C:\Program Files(x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\GreyGoo folder.

For most users, your custom map files can be found in the C:\Users\(Your_Name)\Documents\Petroglyph\Goo\Custom_Maps folder by default.

Important things to note about the Map Editor Edit

  • When publishing to the Steam Workshop, remember that your map must meet certain requirements to be playable. If your map fails to meet certain requirements for gameplay, you may be prompted to fix any blocking issues before being able to upload it to the Workshop.
  • One of the requirements your map must meet is for your start markers (MARKER_PLAYER_START) to have sufficient space around them and meet requirements for level terrain. The area around the marker signified with a yellow square indicates the area which must be clear of obstructions and level so that all races are able to enjoy gameplay on the map.

Potentially Useful Hotkeys Edit

  • Spacebar – Toggles gameplay camera view states.
  • [ and ] keys – Alters the currently active brush to be smaller or larger.
  • Holding Shift and selecting an area will instantly paint that area with the selected brush.
  • Holding Control will activate the rectangle tool and instantly paint that area with the selected brush in a rectangular shape.
  • Alt + Left Click – Sample the height, color, or texture that is currently under the cursor.
  • Holding Ctrl + the Right Mouse Button - Allows you to quickly rotate your camera.
  • Holding Alt + Right Mouse Button - Allows you to quickly drag your camera view around the map.
  • Ctrl + D – Places the camera in a top-down view of the map.
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