The functionality of the Grass Tab in the Terrain Editor

Grass Tab Edit

The Grass tool allows you to place animated small-scale vegetation onto the map to help enhance the terrain environment.

You can paint grass onto the terrain by selecting the desired grass in the selection window, and left clicking on the terrain. To remove already placed grass, select the “Clear” or “Subtract” brush modes from the dropdown menu.

  • Grass Materials
    • Save/Load – Saves the currently loaded grass materials as a Material file  or loads a set of Grass settings into the Grass Materials window.
    • Brush Settings
    • Brush Style – Selects the type of action that will be taken when the user applies the brush to the terrain.
      • Add – Increases the amount of grass objects on the terrain.
      • Subtract – Decreases the amount of grass objects on the terrain.
      • Clear – Removes grass objects from the terrain.
    • Brush Radius – Brush size.
  • Grass Material Settings
    • Texture – Selects the texture that will be used for the grass objects.
    • Color 0 – Selects the main/upper color of the grass objects.
    • Color 1 – Selects the accent/lower color of the grass objects.
    • Lock Settings – Locks and prevents the Grass Material Settings from being altered until the “Lock Settings” setting has been unchecked.
    • Density – Adjusts the amount of grass objects per terrain square for the selected grass material.
    • Wind Bend Scale – Adjusts the intensity of grass sway in response to simulated wind.
    • Width/Height – Adjusts the width and height of the grass objects.
    • Random Size – Adjusts the frequency that variable size grass object patches will appear for the currently selected Grass Material.
    • Tilt Angle – Tilt angle that the grass objects align in relation to the terrain.
    • Anchor X/Y – Adjusts the grass material’s anchor in relation to the X or Y axis.
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