The functionality of the Instance Tab in the Terrain Editor

Instance Tab Edit

The Instance options tab allows you to set instance options such as player count and map name. The Instance tab is also where you can add resource fields and spigots.

To add a resource field, click the “Add” button and name the resource field. Then, Left-click the terrain to paint the areas in which that field will appear ingame. Spigots can be added to the field by selecting the “Edit Spigots” option and then Shift-Left clicking in the resource field. Spigots can also be added to the resource pool by dragging them into the field. To change the amount of resources in a resource pool, select it from the Resource Fields section, alter the amount of resources in the “Resources” field, and press Enter.

Tip: If you are having difficulty visualizing resource field sizes relative to drain efficiency rates, remember that a brush size of size 3 Is approximately 8 drain, brush size 4 is approximately 10 drain, and brush sizes 6 or higher are approximately 13 drain.

  • Instance Settings – General map gameplay settings.
    • Max Players – Determines the amount of players which the map willcontain.
    • Map Description – Brief description of the map.
  • Resource Fields – A list of Resource fields and Spigots that are currently present on the map. A spigot must reside within a resource field for it to be valid.
    • Search – Search the list of resource fields on the current map.
    • Resources – Adjusts the amount of resources available within the selected resource field.
    • Desc – The custom description for the currently selected resource field.
    • Add – Adds a new resource field to the map.
    • Hide All – Disable display of all unselected resource areas on the map.
    • View All – Enable display of all resource areas on the map.
  • Resource Field Tools – Allows the alteration of resource field areas and placement/deletion of Spigots.
    • Round/Square/Line/Flood Fill – Alters the shape of the brush to the desired shape.
    • Brush size – Changes the size of the resource painting brush. Resource drain efficiency is dependent upon the size of a resource field’s width.
    • Edit Spigots – Allows the addition and deletion of resource spigots onto the terrain in a manner similar to Object placement.
    • Erase – Turns the brush tool into a Resource field erase tool.
    • Lock Unselected – Only the currently selected resource field is able to be altered by the Resource field tool brush.
  • Resource Map – Displays a visual representation of the current resource field areas and spigots present on the map.
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