The functionality of the Lighting Tab in the Terrain Editor

Lighting Tab Edit

The Lighting tab is where you can add individual decorative light points and objects to your terrain.

Individual lights can have their own tint, brightness, display frequency, and other settings which can be altered in the left-hand settings panel for each light. To place a light object, Shift+Left Click on the terrain.To move a light object, Left Click and drag the light to the desired location.

  • Light Type
    • Omni – Creates an Omnidirectional light.
    • Projected – Projects a light-based image onto a surface.
    • Spot – Projects light in one direction from its source.
    • Box – Creates a rectangular light.
  • Light Properties
    • Diffuse – Selects the color which the light source will diffuse onto the terrain around it. Applicable to all light sources.
    • Range – Selects the distance which the light source will emit light.
    • Intensity – Selects the brightness of the light source. Applicable to all light sources.
    • Far/Near Attenuation – Applicable to projected light sources. Adjusts the size of the projected light source.
    • Texture – The texture which will be displayed in/on the light source. Applicable to Projected and Cookie light types.
    • Night Only – If this checkbox is enabled, the light source will alter its state around the night/day cycle.
    • Ignore on Low-end Renderer – Indicates that the light object will not be rendered if the client is set to only display necessary render objects in low quality setting.
  • Time Properties
    • Noise – Variable frequency of interruption in the display of the light source.
    • Noise time – Variable duration of interruption in the display of the light source.
  • Light Orientation
    • Position Z – Alters the height at which the light is displayed.
    • Angle X, Y, Z – Used to adjust the angle at which the light object is displayed in the X, Y, and Z axis. Applicable to Projected, Spot, and Box lighting objects.
  • Misc
    • Delete ALL Light Sources – Deletes every light source present on the map.
  • Statistics – Displays various information about the map’s current light objects.
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