The functionality of the Water Tab in the Terrain Editor

Water Tab Edit

The Water tab is where you to control what your map’s water appearance, how easily it becomes visible, and many other aspects of the water table.

The water table is visible when the terrain is lowered in height enough for it to be visible. If you want to see the water table on your map, either lower some areas of the terrain enough for it to show or increase the height of the water table itself.

  • Load/Save Settings
    • Save/Load Settings – Save current water settings as a .wtr file or load a previously saved Water Settings file.
  • Generic Water Settings
    • Water Rable Ht – Adjusts the height at which the water table renders. Once terrain falls below this value, the water table will start to render over it.
    • Opacity – Represents the overall clarity of the water and the visibility of terrain/objects beneath it.
    • Edge Fade Depth – Adjusts the length of distance that the edges of water areas will fade into terrain.
    • Fade Opacity – Clarity/Opacity of water that is rendered over edge fade areas.
    • Reflection Dis. – Amount of reflection

distortion applied to prop reflections. Must have reflection enabled for each prop.

    • Infinite Water – Makes water near edges appear to extend into the horizon.
  • Textures Settings
    • Wave Bump – Bump texture that will be used to create the surface waves of the water.
    • Layers Settings
    • Water Shallow – Color of the shallow water, if set by the water depth and height.
    • Shallow Layer Opacity – Opacity of the shallow water layer, if set by water depth and height.
  • Behavior Settings (Wave Bump Scrolling)
    • Size – Changes the size of the texture used to render the waves on the surface of the water.
    • Velocity – Represents the speed at which waves in the water surface are rendered and displayed.
  • Direction – Alters the angle or direction in which waves on the water’s surface render.
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